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Dean Office of Academic Affairs

| Introduction


The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is responsible for student admissions, course enrolment, academic records management, student transcripts, etc. The OAA includes four divisions and one service center: The Division of Graduate Studies, Division of the Registrar, Division of Course Management, Division of General Academic Affairs, and the Center for Teaching and Learning Development, all of which have been set up to serve the entire faculty and students in their various capacities. The Office of Academic Affairs is overseen by the Dean of Academic Affairs and two Vice-Deans.

| Location:Administration Building (AD) 2F  

| Fax:02-2737-6122

| Contact Us:provost@mail.ntust.edu.tw

| Dean and Staff:


  Dr. Sufen Chen

- Leadership, management, and oversight of all academic affairs

  Vice Dean
Dr. Hsiu-Ling Chen (Ms)

- Assist the Dean with administration of the academic affairs.
- Director of Center of Teaching and Learning Development

  Vice Dean
Dr. Yo-Ming Hsieh (Mr) 

- Assist the Dean with administration of the academic affairs.
- Chairman, Inter-Disciplinary Bachelor's Program

  Ju-Hsin Yen

- Coordinate of the work of the divisions
- Organization of Academic Affairs Meetings
- Documentation of Academic Regulations

  Administrative Officer
  Ning Li

- Support the administrative work of the Office of Academic Affair
  Mei-Tzu Kuo

- Document Delivery
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