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Division of Curriculum Development

| Introduction


The responsibilities of the division of Curriculum Development include:

  • Calculate the hourly compensation for full-time and part-time faculty
  • Process faculty requests for leave, makeup, classes, and changes in class schedules
  • Arrange classrooms and other teaching facilities
  • Manage teaching evaluations
  • Participate in the management of entrance exams

| Location:Administration Building (AD) 2F  

| Fax:02-2737-6120

| Contact Us:qcourse@mail.ntust.edu.tw

| Staff:


  Section Chief                         
  Hsiao-Chen Ting

- Oversight of the division of Curriculum Development

  Administrative Officer
  Yu-Mei Lai (Ms)

- Classroom Arrangement

  Administrative Officer 
Chian-Ling Liu  (Ms)

Calculating hourly compensation for faculty

  Administrative Officer
  Joanne Huang (Ms) 

- Teaching Evaluation

Position titles on the English version of the Taiwan Tech website are approximate translations andthat the Chinese language website should be accessed for official position titles.