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Division of Graduate Studies

| Introduction


The responsibilities of the Registrar for Graduate Studies include:

  • Formulation and revision of academic regulations.
  • Graduate student course selection and academic records statistics
  • Management of students’ registration status, issuance of academic certificates (incl. academic transcripts, re-issuance of student ID cards etc.)
  • Manage entrance exams for graduate students and applications for admission by graduate students; assist the entrance exams for undergraduate students.

| Location:Administration Building (AD) 2F  

| Fax:02-2737-1027

| Contact Us:graduate@mail.ntust.edu.tw

| Staff:


  Section Chief                                             
  Harn-Shiaw Luh


- Oversight of the academic administration of all graduate programs

  Administrative Assistant
  Shu-Yi Liu  (Ms)

Responsible for students of
- Electrical Engineering
- Executive Master of Research and Development (EMRD)

  Administrative Officer 
Li-Yu Chen  (Ms)

Responsible for students of
- Industrial Management
- Business Administration
- Information Management


  Administrative Officer
Asia Chiang (Ms)

Responsible for students of
- Chemical Engineering
- Architecture 
- Design

  Administrative Officer
  Sharon Huang (Ms)

Responsible for students of
- Department of Materials Science and Engineering
- Construction Engineering
- Graduate Institute of Automation and Control

  Administrative Officer
  Kim Li (Ms) 


Responsible for students of
- Mechanical Engineering
- Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education
- Department of Applied Foreign Languages

  Administrative Officer
  Chih-Ying Chen (Ms) 

Responsible for students of
- Electronic and Computer Engineering
- Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering
- Graduate Institute of Management

  Administrative Officer
  Yu-Xiang Wang (Mr)

Responsible for students of
- Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering
- Graduate Institute of Patent
- Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology
- Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology
- Computer Science and Information Engineering


  Administrative Officer
  Yi-Ru Jhu (Ms) 
Responsible for students of
- Graduate Institute of Artificial Intelligence Cross-disciplinary Tech
- Graduate Institute of Energy and Sustainability Tech
- Graduate Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Tech
- MBA Program
- Graduate Institute of Technology Management
- Finance 
Position titles on the English version of the Taiwan Tech website are approximate translations andthat the Chinese language website should be accessed for official position titles.